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Program Overview 


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Advanced Digital Marketing Certification Program

Four In-Demand Courses for the Price of One

Course 1

Digital Marketing

(Core Modules)

19 Modules

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Course 2

Advanced Marketing Analytics & Strategies

07 Modules

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Course 3


02 Modules

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How to make money with Digital Marketing. 

Course 4

Placement Enhancement Program

07 Modules

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About Program 

This one-of-its-kind program is designed to help you hone your digital marketing skills. Whether you’re looking to land your dream digital marketing job or promote your business on social media, we’ve got you covered. Become an expert digital marketer with insider tips on lead generation, brand-building, and much more.

Kallada Academy’s Advanced Digital Marketing Certification Program is the 1st HYBRID Training Program in Asia

We’re India’s only PREMIER Google Training Partner Institute

Over 50.000 Students Trained Till Date

Syllabus Updated Every 3 Months

We’re India’s pioneer institute when it comes to teaching effective affiliate marketing techniques

Why Digital Marketing?

For starters, today’s businesses are increasingly shifting their ad spend towards digital marketing campaigns. Yet, when it comes to finding experienced digital marketers who know what they’re doing, there’s a huge skill shortage in the current market.

This makes digital marketing one of the most lucrative career options for the modern generation. And the demand for skilled digital marketers is projected to skyrocket in the future.

Digital marketing campaigns offer a higher bang for every buck compared to traditional advertising

Businesses can easily track, measure, and analyze the results of their digital marketing campaigns

Most digital marketing channels offer razor-sharp targeting options to reach potential buyers

Brand awareness, lead generation, customer retention - digital marketing comes in handy at every step

The growing popularity of digital marketing makes it one of the most lucrative career options with excellent potential for growth.

Who it is for

Advanced Digital Marketing Certification Program

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Students / Job Seeker

Why Digital Marketing?

In-demand profession with serious skill shortage

Excellent scope of professional growth

Great earning potential (better than other professions)

Plenty of opportunities to earn money as a freelancer too

Working Professionals

Why Digital Marketing?

Diversify your skills to climb up the corporate ladder

Ample opportunities to make a living while working independently

Hand-on experience of working on high-performing projects

Scope of changing your career trajectory

Business Owners

Why Digital Marketing?

High ROI with long-term results

Precise targeting and wider reach

Affordable and scalable solution for businesses of all sizes

Generate leads, acquire customers, and build your brand, even on a shoestring marketing budget

Course Curriculum

Advanced Digital Marketing Certification Program

4 Courses in One Program 

Course 1

Digital Marketing(Core Modules)

In this course, you will get the practical exposure of Digital Marketing. You would be creating a website and promoting it practically in the training program itself using Digital Marketing measure like- Search Engine, Social media, Google Ads, Email-Marketing, Lead-generation etc. 

19 Modules

1. Digital Marketing Fundamentals

2. Website Planning and Creation

3. Graphic Design For Digital Marketers

4. Facebook Marketing

5. Instagram Marketing

6. Snapchat Marketing

7. Twitter Marketing

8. Quora Marketing

9. LinkedIn Marketing

10. Snapchat Marketing

11. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

12. Whatsapp Marketing

13. Email Marketing

14. Competitors Analysis on Google

15. Google Ads

16. Bing Ads

17. Blogging

18. Affiliate Marketing

19. Google Analytics

Course 2


In this module, you would be taught the Advanced optimization strategies known to few by the founders & co-founders of renowned companies. This course makes you stand apart from the whole crowd & real Digital Marketing Experts.

07 Modules

1. Messenger Automation

2. Whatsapp And SMS Automation

3. Lead Generation

4. Blackhat SEO

5. Digital Marketing Competitor Analysis

6. Social Media Strategy

7. Digital Marketing Planning and Proposals

Course 3


Learn on how to make real money with affiliate marketing & blogging and tips and tricks on how to build your affiliate network.

How to make money with Digital Marketing.

07 Modules

Different Freelancing Opportunities In Digital Marketing

Finding Freelancing Opportunities

Sending Digital Marketng Proposals

Building a Personal Brand

Accounting For Freelancers

Talking To Clients - Ettiquetts

Starting a Digital Marketing Agency

Course 4

Placement Enhancement Program

Learn from a wide range of topics that helps you to meet your career goals.

05 Modules

1. Interview Preparations

2. Mock Interviews

3. Digital CV Building

4. Soft Skill Training For Interviews

5. Tricks To Stand Out In Your Interviews

7. Finding and Approaching HR's On LinkedIn

Best-in-Class Tools

Get the hands-on experience of working with top-rated industry-standard digital marketing tools, including:

PricingCareer SupportABOUT US

Take Your Digital Marketing Career to Greater Heights

Certification Program 


100% Placement Assistance | 1000+ Recruitment Partners
 Learners Enrolled |  Rated 4.9 / 5 from Students


Advanced Digital Marketing Certification Program

HomeProgramDigital Marketing

70199 84212

Industry Based Projects & Case Studies

Masters in Digital Marketing training program is all Practical
learning by Industrial Projects and Case studies.

Duration: 20 hours

Learning Outcomes

Generate a perfect idea to create a rewarding social media marketing campaign.

Learn to connect your social media marketing campaign with a special event to ensure maximum ttention from the audience.

Identify the best ways to get user-generated content.

Choose the most relevant social media channels for your campaign to ensure better results with minimal effort.

Duration: 04 hours

Learning Outcomes

Create an effective search engine marketing campaign to target relevant people.

Learn to set an appropriate budget to get the most out of your campaigns.

Analyze the performance of your campaigns and keep track of the conversions.

Google Keyword Planner

Tools you will Learn

Google AdWords

Duration:  20 hours

Learning Outcomes

Gain competency in improving search engine rankings of your website content and blogs.

Implement Learn to get your content indexed in search engines frequently.

Learn to analyze which web pages are working well and which need improvement.

Google Analytics

Tools you will Learn

Google Keyword Planner

Research and shortlist the best keywords to make your content searchable.

Google Search Console

Free Tool

Tools used by the Top Digital Marketers Worldwide 

All tools cost = INR 1,22000+ (Absolutely Free) 

INR 30,000/-

Website Backup Tool                   INR 13,200/- 

Landing Page Builders Tool INR 20355/- 

Ecommerce Tools INR 6,910/- 

LMS Software
INR 40,000/- 

Affiliate Software
INR 6,500/- 


You'll need to pass online examinations, in order to get the Certification. Kallada Academy will prepare and help you to clear all these exams.

1. Google Ads Fundamental

2. Search Advertising

3. Display Advertising

4. Video Advertising

5. Shopping Advertising

6. Mobile Advertising

7. Google Analytics

8. Google Mobile Sites

9. Google Digital Sales

1. SEO Fundamentals

2. Technical SEO

3. PPC Fundamentals

4. SMM Fundamentals

5. Content Marketing

6. Mobile SEO

7. Local SEO

SEO Fundamentals

Content Marketing

Email Marketing

Inbound Marketing

Training Process 

Advanced Digital Marketing Certification Program

4 In 1 Digital Marketing Program

We’ll kickstart the training by handholding you through the process of designing your own website or blog from scratch.

Learn to implement various digital marketing techniques, such as SEO, PPC, etc., on your website/blog.

Get a glimpse of the more advanced digital marketing techniques that are often used by proponents of the industry.

Take a few simple tests to assess your progress and get those much-awaited certifications.

Moving to Affiliate Masterclasses, you’ll learn to earn a steady flow of passive income from your website/blog.

Step 01

Step 03

Step 05

Step 02

Step 04

Training Outcomes

Training outcomes for Job seekers

By the end of the training program you will be able to:

Identify and implement the right tools and techniques to run, monitor, and measure digital marketing campaigns
Perform competitor analysis and identify emerging market trends in any industry
Manage the online reputation of your clients
Earn passive income through blogging and affiliate marketing
Combine different digital marketing techniques, such as email marketing, SEO, content marketing, etc., for the best results

Training outcomes for Working professional

Develop adequate expertise to build and deploy digital marketing campaigns for your company and clients
Amp up your social media game and build an audience for your brand
Use content marketing, growth hacking, and other inbound strategies to attract and engage your audience  
Outline a robust SEO strategy to skyrocket organic traffic to any website
Inculcate the confidence and determination to work with senior-level decision-makers

Training outcomes for Business Owners

Amplify your brand awareness across multiple online platforms
Use content marketing, SEO, and PPC to drive targeted traffic to your website and acquire new customers
Use social media platforms, search engines, and other digital marketing channels to generate leads and drive sales
Monitor, measure, and maximize the ROI of your digital marketing campaigns
Stay abreast of the latest digital marketing trends and tweak your campaigns accordingly

Training Fee 

Advanced Digital Marketing Certification Program

Buy One Get 3 FREE

Course 1

Digital Marketing Course

Training Fee

Rs 66,450 + 18% GST

Course 2

Advanced Optimization

Training Fee 

Rs 34,500 + 18% GST

Course 3


Training Fee 

Rs 17,000 + 18% GST

Course 4


Training Fee 

Rs 29,000 + 18% GST


Get 4 Courses Worth 1,50,000 At Rs 54,772 ( Inc GST). EMI Facility Available

Why Advanced Digital Marketing at Kallada Academy?

Kallada Academy’s Advanced Digital Marketing Program is perfect for launching a thriving and rewarding career in digital marketing.

India's 1st Hybrid Training Program.

We’ve packaged four of our most in-demand courses into one program

Learn to make money with the best affiliate marketing techniques

Get 24+ industry-recognized certifications from Google, Facebook, HubSpot, Kallada Academy, and more

Get FREE access to tools and software worth INR 80,000+

If you want to develop a firm grasp on every aspect of digital marketing, this is just the course for you.

Training Objective

We’ve designed the Advanced Digital Marketing program with two key objectives.

First Objective:  

Second Objective: 

To equip you with the right skills to successfully develop and implement digital marketing campaigns for any business, product, or service.

To help you earn a living as an independent digital marketing professional in India.

Our ultimate goal is to make you a MASTER in Digital Marketing.

The Complete course will make you a Master in Digital Marketing.

  Why Kallada Academy

1- India's Top Rated Training Institute

Our emphasis on quality and excellence combined with a world-class training approach has turned Kallada Academy into one of the best-rated digital marketing training institutes in India.

2- One To One Mentorship For Students

Each student is assigned with a designated mentor who handholds them throughout the course. Whether you can’t access your course materials or have a query regarding an assignment, your mentor will ensure that you sail through the course and emerge with flying colors.

3- Real Brand Assignment Submission

You will be working on real Brand projects, Assignments are the heart of any learning.

4- Top-Notch Placement Support

Our skilled trainers and staff will handhold you through the process of creating your resume, applying for the right jobs, and ultimately, preparing for your dream job interview.

5- FREE Access to Tools Worth INR 80,000+

Get the practical experience of working with FREE digital marketing tools worth INR 80,000+. From Divi and Elementor to ThriveArchitect and Ubersuggest - you’ll get to work with some of the best industry-standard tools.

6- Affordable Course Fees With 0% EMI

We understand that an online digital marketing program is only as good as its LMS. That’s why we’ve taken the utmost care to design an intuitive, resourceful, and user-friendly LMS to make learning a cakewalk for our students.

7- Award Winning LMS

At Kallada Academy, we believe that everyone should get equal access to high-quality digital marketing training. That’s why we’ve strived to keep the course fee affordable. And if you can’t pay the entire amount upfront, you can also avail of our zero-interest EMI program. Get in touch with us to learn more.

8- Only Premier Google Partner 

Add several crowning jewels to your resume with 24+ in-demand, industry-recognized digital marketing certifications.

Kallada Academy is one of the most trusted and prestigious training institutes in India. It was founded with the vision of making high-quality education accessible and affordable to anyone, anywhere. It specializes in curating and designs well-researched, up-to-date, and groundbreaking courses on various aspects of digital marketing.

#31,Jambusavari Dinne , JP Nagar 9th Phase Bangalore-76. India.


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When I chanced upon Kallada Academy’s Facebook ad, what quickly attracted me was the huge number of great reviews and ratings they had. It helped put my inhibitions to rest about joining an online digital marketing program. And I’m so glad I did join the course.

Danielle Jones

Level 4 & 5 Health & Social Care

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Nishant K Chejara

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Nishant K Chejara

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AbbaadMart Pvt. Ltd.

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