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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to our most frequently asked questions.

What Certificates do I receive from this course?

Every student that attends Kallada Academy Of Digital Marketing is guaranteed 9 Certifications. You will receive 6 Certifications from Google, 1 from Microsoft, 1 from Hubspot and 1 from Kallada Academy.

Whats the eligibility for attending this course?

The only eligibility criteria we have is that our students should be to understand and communicate in English. Medium of communication would be English

What is "Learn by Doing" teaching methodology?

We dont believe in theory classes. We believe in Practicals. Every concept taught at Kallada Academy will have a practical session attached to it. You will be applying everything you learn on the “Live Project” we give you.

What is "Guaranteed Paid Internship" Programme?

Every student that does a Digital Marketing course at Kallada Academy is eligible for guaranteed paid internship at our digital marketing agency Kallada Software Services.

What should I join Kallada Academy?

We are Digital Marketing Agency that has ventured Digital Marketing training as well. We know what are the trends in Digital Marketing industry and we know what are the digital marketing requirements clients have on a day to day basis.

Will I Get Guaranteed Placement?

We offer 100% Guaranteed Placements to eligible students. To be eligible for Guaranteed placements a student has to attain 80% marks in the examinations conduted by Kallada Academy Of Digital Marketing

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