As you read through this page, I know you will be waiting for me to ask you to buy something. So let me be very clear:

At NO POINT will you be FORCED to join the Program without full Information.

So read this message carefully, and know that you won’t have to pay for anything.



It is combination of Courses + Coaching + Consulting


If you’re looking for a simple and ordinary course, this is not it.

This program has the power to revolutionize your business and Career by utilizing AI & Marketing applications strategically.

Will there be investments required? 

Absolutely! Both time and money.

But it’s important to know the FACT that the investments you are making are just a small part of the great benefits and results you are going to get in just 100 days.



  How To Take Complete Control of Your Life in Only 120 Days


There’s nothing more disheartening than just going along with life without taking charge.

You wake up, go to work, and go through each day without a clear purpose or motivation.

Then you drive home, watch your favorite tv shows, go to bed, and repeat that same cycle the next day.

Weekdays all run together, and you find yourself trying to pass the time until the weekend … so you can relax, unwind, and finally enjoy yourself.

But weekends have no meaning, and you have no real reason to enjoy them either … and like the weekdays, they all start to run together too.

You see people around you moving ahead … and you start to wonder what they have that you don’t, and what they’re doing that you’re not.

You start doubting yourself ..


Your thoughts beat you up every minute of the day to the point where you feel like you’ll always be stuck right where you are in this  forever.

The mental struggle turns into a career and business struggle. You are not learning and upskilling like you used to , because you don’t see the point

You try program after program, or challenge after challenge to get your business  and your career back into a place where you actually feel great again …


But those programs turn out to be temporary band-aids … and before you know it, you’re right back at beginning.


Each failed attempt drains a little more hope from your tank.

I know exactly how you feel … because I’ve been there myself.

I spent years feeling like I was nothing …

Floating through the days with no game plan, and no results …

Letting myself go mentally, and physically …

Trying program after program to get back on track … only to fall off right after I completed it.

I knew I wasn’t the only one going through this …

I knew there are people just like me going through the same struggles.

I realized that the root cause of all of my problems was not addressed by any existing program.

Because the REAL PROBLEM I had was a lack of mental toughness & discipline.


That’s when I decided to take matters into my own hands …


If you don’t know who I am, my name is Santhej Kallada  I’m an entrepreneur, and I’ve built multiple companies from 0 to 9 figures.



Don’t get it confused … I am not special — I am just like you.


I spent the last 10 years figuring out how to master marketing ,coading , Digital Marketing & develop the skills needed to take complete control of your life & be successful in anything you do.


I know what it takes …


It takes confidence.


It takes Determination.


It takes belief in yourself.


It takes Strength.


It takes Stamina.


It takes perseverance.


It takes a willingness to win.


These are NOT traits you are born with …


These are skills you can develop … IF you choose to commit to making changes & following through on what you say.


I’ve taken everything I’ve learned about AI, Marketing and Digital Marketing, and made it into a program I call ADVANCE DIGITAL MARKETING & AI CERTIFICATION PROGRAM.


Advance Digital Marketing & AI Program is the only program that can permanently change your life … from your way of thinking, to the level of discipline you approach every single task in front of you with.

This is about you

This Program will show you how to 100x the following traits in your life ..


  • Productivity

  • Confidence

  • Strategic Thinking

  • Results-Driven Mindset

  • Adaptability

You are in complete control … and if you choose to follow this program PERFECTLY & without compromise … you will change your life forever.

  • Unlock Lifelong Learning Support: Enjoy lifetime access to valuable learning resources and guidance to continually enhance your skills and stay updated in the dynamic field of Advanced AI and Digital Marketing.

  • Personalized Mentorship and Coaching: Benefit from unlimited one-on-one sessions with industry-leading trainers and mentors who will provide tailored guidance and help you excel throughout the course and beyond.

  • Prestigious Jain University Certification: Earn a highly regarded certification from Jain University, a prestigious educational institution recognized for its excellence in the field of Advanced AI and Digital Marketing.

  • Master the Cutting-Edge: Delve into the world of Advanced AI and Advance Digital Marketing, gaining expertise in the most innovative and sought-after techniques that give you a competitive edge in the market.

  • Earn a Stipend for Real-World Assignments: Gain practical experience and get rewarded with a stipend for working on real-world assignments, allowing you to apply your skills in a professional setting and kickstart your career with confidence.

  • Guaranteed Placement or Your Money Back: Secure your future with our industry connections and extensive network, ensuring a guaranteed placement opportunity upon course completion. In the unlikely event of not securing a placement, we offer a refund, showcasing our commitment to your success.

  • International Certifications from Industry Giants: Stand out from the crowd with globally recognized certifications from renowned companies such as Google, HubSpot, and Bing, strengthening your credibility and opening doors to exciting career opportunities worldwide.

  • Exclusive Access to Premium Tools: Access a comprehensive suite of premium tools worth Rs. 2 lakhs INR, empowering you with the necessary resources to implement cutting-edge strategies and achieve exceptional results.

  • Comprehensive Curriculum with 60+ Modules: Immerse yourself in a comprehensive and meticulously designed curriculum, covering over 60 modules that encompass the latest industry trends and best practices, ensuring you gain a well-rounded skill set.

  • Flexibility with Live Online Classes: Seamlessly attend interactive live classes from the comfort of your preferred location, eliminating geographical constraints and allowing you to customize your learning experience according to your schedule.



Endless stories roll in every single day from people who completely changed their life.

They’ve become better leaders at work …

They’ve become better mothers & fathers …

They’ve increased their income …

They’re more confident in themselves …

They’ve made massive Financial transformations as a result of the mental transformation …

They’ve taken complete control of their lives …

… and the changes they’ve made are permanent



 I want you to think about what these changes would be worth to you in Rupees

If I could honestly deliver that through this program… think about how your entire life would change … physically, mentally, and financially.


Every day … countless “experts” convince people to spend their hard-earned money on programs that only offer a temporary fix.

That’s not how I roll … 

This Program  will teach you how to completely transform your life through consistent action over the course of 100 days


If you commit today, I’ll share my program with you for the lowest price…


“But Santhej … why would you give away this program for such less price if it’s so valuable?”

I’ll tell you why …

Because I know first-hand how much this program will change your life.

Because I know that by completing this program, you will be happier, healthier, richer and accomplish things you never thought were possible before.

…and because I don’t want money to stand in your way from doing this program.




I know what you’re thinking …

“I’ll start next week after (insert event or other BS excuse here)”

That thought alone is 100% proof that you need to start this program immediately.

I can promise you this … what you will gain in 100 days will FAR OUTWEIGH any reason for waiting to start.


This is not a “Simple course”. 

It’s a program.

A tool. 

It’s a tool that can drastically change you forever and you can come back to if you ever find yourself off course again in life. 

But you have to follow the program with ZERO compromises. Everything in this program has a purpose that you will understand once you complete the program.

I see people trying to change or modify the program …




At first glance, to some the program might look simple. Don’t be fooled … it’s not.


To others it might look too advanced … it’s not.


I specifically designed this Program so that no matter where you are at your career or business, you can do the tasks. Whether you have zero knowledge about AI and Digital Marketing you can still do it.

You can do this no matter what your starting point is.

The Financial transformations that occur are just the by-product of the mental transformations you will make.

You need to commit. 

You need to make changes & follow through.

You need to invest time and money.


 Stop talking about the stuff you want … start taking the steps to make REAL changes.

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