At the genesis of Digital marketing, the majority of the focus was on creating blogs for the company, learning the usage of analytic tools to better track the progress, creating digital advertisements, and figuring out the ways to stand at the top of the search engine ranking. And so, step by step, the companies, startups, and enterprises have become digital savvy in the market.

Soon as the marketing methods evolved, the way users consume the content also changed, leading to the evolution of new search engine algorithms. Today 30% of the customers are investing in ad blockers, highlighting marketing campaigns’ inefficiency. The Search engines started to leverage the EAT rule to address this issue.

EAT stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness of a content piece. Video is one digital marketing tool that helps digital marketing agencies better design their content per the EAT rule, enabling marketers to define digital marketing as “content is the king.” By using the best Online video Editor, one can design these videos in a more impactful and meaningful way.

But before diving into the evolution of Digital Marketing to Video marketing, It’s essential to understand how the popularity of video marketing has improved over time.


History of Video Marketing

Video Marketing began in 1941 when Bulova launched its first 10-second video commercial. This small start now glues the entire nation to the blue screen. Next came the super bowl commercial in 1980, which marks the event’s first and most considerable profit margin via video advertisement.

Soon Apple launched its Macintosh ad that earned them 45 million dollars in revenue. This sudden jump in the numbers allowed brands worldwide to recognize the potential of video marketing and Online video editor. Therefore, creating video content that leaves consumers craving for more is the best way to improve brand visibility.


The shift from Digital Marketing to Video Marketing

The popularity of video content skyrocketed in recent years; today, around 200 million hours of content are consumed by people worldwide. Youtube became the new content industry, and videos became the new content format among the GenZ kids. These statistics prove that video marketing will be the primary form of content-consuming models as time passes, so companies must keep innovating.

Including closed captions is one way of doing this, which enables people with hearing disabilities to enjoy the content. In addition, the statistics show that people watch almost 85% of social media videos without audio, proving the advantage of using closed captions.

Another brilliant idea for leveraging video marketing is to upload videos on the company’s homepage. Research shows that people spend 88% more time on websites that tell their stories via videos, so this strategy will help you increase your website traffic and audience base.


Various video-content consuming methods

Today there is not one but many content platforms available. People spend 70% of their free time on social media platforms. So naturally, social media platforms rank at the top. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook allow users to post short and catchy videos to attract attention. Moreover, they have multiple features that enable user engagement, which helps organizations collect user feedback and use it to improve videos. In addition, here are a few popular content methods.



The fact that Google is the best search engine today is not lost on people. But when it comes to videos, Youtube is considered the Diva of search engines. It provides more than 200 million hours of video content daily, making it the most popular platform. Not only individuals but even companies use YouTube to upload their marketing advertisements.


Mobile phone video consumption

Smartphones are one of the most used gadgets in the world today. More than 88% of users consume content through their mobile phones. In addition, studies show that a user is 30% more likely to buy a product after watching a video advertisement on their mobile.


Web Traffic vs. Video Marketing

A website is a tool brands use to establish their visibility in the cyber world. It helps them reach a wider audience. Research shows that by incorporating videos on websites, the website traffic increased by a whopping 80%.


Informational Videos vs. Entertainment videos

When users aim to find the necessary information, their go-to content format will be information-oriented videos. But if their goal is to spend time relaxing, then entertainment videos are for the win. One can observe the difference between these formats based on the story and the editing of the videos.


The New Reality

With digital marketing evolving into video marketing, the skill of video editing is a handy tool. Finding the best online video editor will help you enhance your already created video, which enables you to sell your story more authentically. Finally, posting quick short video snippets on social media platforms can help increase your reach. It will help you build a stronger connection with the audience via the user engagement tools such as comments and chats. Incorporating live FAQs based on the response you get for the video is a proven way to improve user experience.

Various videos are appropriate for different situations, and online video editors have all the necessary tools. For a funky video, one can include built-in animations, whereas subtle changes to the lighting and audio will keep it simple and elegant for a professional video. The new reality of the digital marketing era is to leverage and improve the existing available video marketing tools and techniques.



Millennial customers crave authentic content that helps them get the information. And this content is preferred by the Gen Zers in video format. So every company, irrespective of its industry, must evolve its digital marketing strategy to include video marketing as the core.

Simultaneously, online video editors can improve the quality of the video and provide a better user experience. Digital Marketing is such a field that is constantly changing, so people and companies must transform their mindset and leverage the platform for their benefit.

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